Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hey Stupid

(661)  Abodha kanu kon kuhake

Foolish Kanu,[1] there must have been some sorcery;
Imprudently, to Mathura You went.
At Gokul in Vrindavan, Your every
Playmate was thus left unchecked.

The milkmaids, they stopped churning curd;
They merely weep without an end,
As they don't want their butter
When the butter-thief has left.
Imprudently, to Mathura You went.
Kanu, You have gone away, deserting us;
Neglecting our condition.

The Jamuna[2] no longer flows upstream;
No one plays flute to that melody.
The cows at pasture, toward the heaven
Their faces gaze, grass uneaten.
Imprudently, to Mathura You went.
Kanu, to become a king, You departed,
Neglecting our condition.

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  1. When a needy baby cries out angrily for its loving mother, the mother responds without taking offense. And when a worried mother chides a dutiful child, the child absorbs criticism without complaint.