Tuesday, March 7, 2017

With a smile

(667)  Hasite phul photale ali jotale

With a smile, You made flowers bloom and bees converge;
And You brightened my mind.
By rivers in spate, brimful of delight,
The ocean was stirred.

Flower buds had hidden, drawn behind a veil,
Overwhelmed with shame.
Encouraged by just Your light rays,
Restless they became.
Timeless One, if purposely You came,
Then kindle light ever and always.

The bumblebees are saying something;
Abruptly now they've gone somewhere.
In my heart waves rose and set it dancing
With light from Your melody.
I know You've loved me, and so I deem
You to be worthy, to the highest degree.

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  1. Gracious Lord, greater than the greatest, the universe dances for Thee.