Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sentient pride

(660)  Jeo na shona katha bojha vyatha

Leave me not, hear my story, feel my pain;
Don't be indifferent.
Flowers bloom in my mind only for Your array,
Please do not trample them.

There is one who's always been with You night and day,
Have You forgotten it?
Keeping his eyes on You, seeing You in his mind,
Once You had love for him.
One who marched to the beat of Your songs and Your deeds,
With You consistently,
Oh, please don't neglect him.

You are the light of day, also the dark of night;
This fact I can't mistake.
I have always loved You; You decant wine for me
Day and night.
Even if You go on spurning me endlessly,
Please don't kick me away.

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