Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sweet temptation

(676)  Sei badal rate sei andhar pathe

On that gloomy path that rainy night,
You arrived, my Darling, You arrived.
With air after air on sweet lyre strings,
To what distant place did You entice me?

In that pitch darkness, fearful and afraid,
It was lightning rays that showed me the way.
Sleepless in that rain, with all hopes crushed,
My despairing heart obtained expression.
With a thunderclap and a voice boisterous,
To the unconscious, You gave consciousness.

Companion in each trial on my dark night,
Condoler in every silent sacrifice,
Why You stay so close but from far away...
You I can't fathom with bestowed ability,
The intellect that You have given to me.

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