Friday, May 27, 2022

By virtue of Your light

(2280)  Andhar sagar par haye aji

Crossing the dark sea today,
Who are You that came, oh Psyche's Enchanter.
I am unfamiliar with You; Yourself I know not–
But I know You possess attributes resplendent.

O'er the course of ages hopeful I'd been waiting,
Neath light and darkness, with everything revealed...
But You appeared not beside me, not by any means,
Oh the Moon, with Your heady luster.

To the extent of love, I have yearned for Thee,
You of bygone days, for the tune jangling...
Life's lantern, on its lampstand set a-blazing
To apprehend You time and again.

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  1. I've understood that life would be brighter with You by my side.