Sunday, May 22, 2022

Simplicity or duplicity?

(2275)  Tomare peyechi gahane gopane

I have found You hidden at a site hard to reach;
In mind's paradise have You beamed.
Restless are You, anxious are You,
And yet tranquil in my psyche.

To You there is not a hint of pride;
Hey the Self-Effulgent One, You like to hide.
But stored in You are wind and sky;
All elements... who does not perceive?

In depth, You are the deepest;
Sin You demolish, hey Darling Dearest.
On just Your blessing, far withdraws the darkness;
The Sea of Splendor, no bar It concedes.

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  1. My Krsna, do I play with You; or is it that You toy with me?