Saturday, May 14, 2022

If lenient You would be

(2267)  Tomari priitite mugdha ami prabhu

My Lord, I'm fascinated by only Your love;
The equal of Your qualities I don't receive.
Hey the One beyond both time and form,
Having come into time, shapes You make constantly.

Yourself, none can bind;
None can befuddle You through any guile.
The sadhana for all is Your love-ties;
But even knowingly, duped, we keep forgetting.

Hey the Transcendent One, Sustainer of the Universe,
Upon Your grace the seven realms are reliant.
Having forgotten Thee on shoreless sea of blind attachment,
That I not keep drifting, for this same kindness I plead.

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  1. Perhaps my case I've crafted well; if so, then hear my plea and grant mercy.