Monday, May 23, 2022

Who wins this wordplay?

(2276)  Bhomra bale bakul phule

Bumblebee tells bakul flower:
"Close to you I don't fly–
The nectar of your breast has evaporated.
Whatsoever had been yours
Fell to earth, cast upon the dust.
Your looks and luck have been finished."

Bakul answers: "Listen, oh Honeybee,
Love is never greedy–
Having approached, sit adjacent;
I have more to say."

Replies the Bumblebee: "There's no time;
In search of another bloom go I.
Due to talk time was missed,
And fear of dusk exists."

Bakul says: "Father Supreme,
You fathom heartcore's agony.
At Your feet sprawled I fall,
In pursuit of protection."

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  1. Bakul or Bumblebee? Which one makes the best thrust and parry? In this verbal exchange, on both sides good points are made.