Friday, May 6, 2022

Today You are both Love and Lover mine

(2259)  Apan tumi priya tumi

You are dear, You are kin;
You are every mind's refulgence.
You know how to cherish
Even better than the best;
You are even better than the best.

The Creation, when it was unmanifest,
Good and bad would not have been.
Then You were entirely solitary
Ebony time-transcendent;
You had been the timeless darkness.

If You wish the world may come,
Brimming with scent, taste, and form.
By lightrays of vitality decanting,
With life a swell You stirred,
In Your existence a surge You awakened.

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  1. But once You were unmanifest, and I was not a dot upon Your mind.