Wednesday, August 12, 2015


(320)  Nandanavana manthana kari

Harvesting a garden of eden;
I brought sandal and honey.[1]
Spreading the pollen of amaranth,[2]
I dispensed the nectar of life.

Then, on a moist breeze, jasmine fragrance
Drifted down from the distant heavens.
My mental lotus, its heart swelling,
Blossomed in self-realization.
Amid that transition, beginning alone,
I threaded a garland for Thee.

Then, assembling in the tamal grove,[3]
Were bumblebees, both light and dark.
With sandal perfume and tonal accord,
To greet You wholeheartedly,
Those bees were gathering.
Enraptured by this very atmosphere,
I composed my songs to Thee.

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  1. A beautiful and subtle tribute to Caetanya Mahaprabhu that somehow ennobles all.