Monday, August 10, 2015

Gold lifeline

(318)  Rauniin svapan maner matan

Per heart's desire, a colorful vision
Took shape today upon this earth.
All barriers broken, it rushes onward,
In countless flows and supplications.

It is You alone that I love;
I love You, Lord, I love You.
In my hidden mind, in my private world,
I always listen to Your flute.
In rapt attention on a clear sky,
I hear Your songs descending from afar.

In Your direction only do I gaze;
I look to You, Lord, I look to You.
In thunderous, violent storms,
In trying times, I gauge Your grace.
The days and nights pass by
Through a golden tie with Thee.

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  1. After saḿvit shakti comes hládinii shakti, aka rádhiká shakti. It propels us toward Krśńa and the state of supreme beatitude.