Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Piercing the clouds

(322)  Tumi esechile varasar rate

You came on a rainy night,
Heady with fragrance of screwpine flowers.[1]
Inkstained was the day of that dark fortnight,[2]
When the ambrosia of light was cast.

Then, amid deadly thunderbolts, budding kadam[3]
Shuddered over and over again.
On that stormy night, the bamboo grove
Gave off a sound of flogging;
And rain-filled clouds were floating,
Weeping and weeping in sorrow.

Indoors, smiling daughters
Plait their hair,
Adorning it with jasmine sprays,
Pinned to a topknot that dances.

Even now Your screwpine fragrance
Is imprinted upon my heart.

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  1. Táraka Brahma, the Savior, makes His appearance at the world's darkest hour. And, even in that darkest hour, there always was and always will be a subterranean current of bliss. As Baba said just before His arrest in 1971, "Clouds cannot overcast the sun for a long time."