Sunday, August 30, 2015

Melody from afar

(329)  Ajike dakle more durera sure

Today, You summoned me with a melody from afar;
Please tell me why.
My mind won't stay still, it heeds no hindrance;
I don't see why.

My flowers' closed petals, tethered by the mind,
Remained in a tiny garden.
With the impact of Your melody, alas, now they
Are afloat without a shore.
Bumblebees hum Your divine song,
Whispering that instigation.

With Your song, upward the sunflowers,
They are gazing.
The jasmines[1] sway; and, lying in the dust,
They decorate Your path.
Excited by Your tune, the birds,
They convey that sensation around the world.

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