Friday, August 14, 2015

Struggle and seek

(321)  Sabar majhe hariye gecho

Amid the throng You went missing;
Are You this person or that?
Whether I may find You or not,
Dawn to dusk, I seek, I seek.

Kindly take pity on me;
To my upraised eyes catch hold.
Tell the mantra to summon Thee;
My lips will never stay closed.
I will surely find You... I seek.

As I am in love with Thee,
I can but rush in Your allure.
All blockading walls I breach;
I will surely get You... I struggle.
I will surely find You... I seek.

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  1. It's not so much a matter of philosophy as devotion, but Sadgurvákáuṋkśayá sadgurupráptih [When an intense desire for the Sadguru arises, the Sadguru is attained]. In other words, the seek and ye shall find principle applies not just on the physical and mental planes but also on the spiritual plane. However, the higher one goes with this principle, the greater the struggle that may be required.