Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mission and submission

(327)  Saomya shanta cetanananda

Enlightened Bliss, Tranquil Majesty,
Reveal to me Your lotus feet.
You are hope for the gloomy, love for the woeful,
Life's last refuge for the vulnerable.

From start to finish, You are ubiquitous,
The affectionate undercurrent that sweetens.
From left to right, above and below,
Every direction brims with Your compassion.
Everyone's most beloved, everyone's most respected,
You can never be grasped by erudition or intellect.

My limitation, the boundaries innate to being born,
Beyond that limitation, I cannot think one bit.
Beyond that limitation, You are endless and original;
On contemplating You, in You I get diffused.
The casket of my mind, like the stamen of screwpine,[1]
Rushes toward You, bearing all alongside.

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  1. Philosophy, science, and devotion are once again fused in a supra-aesthetic song by Baba. And how haunting is the melody!