Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ode to the Ineffable

(314)  Tomar parash charaye rekhecho

You have extended Your divine touch
On earth, sky, and heaven,
To each entity every instant.
Infusing exhilaration, You impart
Manifest splendor.

Your sweetness defies explanation...
Inanimate and animate, known and unknown,
Penetrating all, uniting all,
Consciousness awakens everyone.
Your sweetness defies explanation...
At Your direction, heaven's glow
Is brought down to this earth.

With Your smile, the moon also smiles;
With that smile comes the rising tide.
With Your light, this world is upraised;
With rhythm do the sky and air vibrate.
With Your love, celestial nectar
Inundates the three worlds;[1]
They shine, shine, shine.

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  1. This paean to Paramapuruśa somehow celebrates His Creation as well. With a deft touch, the two merge.