Friday, August 21, 2015

Political leaders

(432)  Rupkathar ek raja chilo

In legend, there was a king;
Alas, he knew not how to laugh.
With his hands he would walk;
Puffed rice he ate with his feet.

In the cool sunshine at midnight,
He dined on pie off a row of backs.
With strength of tongue he chewed sugarcane;
Its juice he sucked with his teeth.

In the middle of the tennis court,
He spread a net to catch fish.
Fearing ghosts in the afternoon,
Beneath the river he hid.

Soaring upward with his racing sailboat,
He fanned himself in the distant sky.
During work hours his eyes were closed;
Pretending to sleep, he snored.

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  1. Political leaders don't solve problems; often they are the main problem.