Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A deep mystery

(2004)  Tomay amay ei paricay, kon juge keu jane na

Between You and me, this same acquaintance,
From which age it is, one is not cognizant.
Not merely a few days old, I know that;
But You don't say when it started.

In some ancient past You had fashioned the earth;
But why poured You nectar into fruits and flowers?
And why then did You infuse a drive for survival?
One of us understands; one of us does not.

Just one in a crowd, he never gets missed;
But You see everybody as having no second.
Except for You none has got any patron;
Yet even knowing it, one cannot fathom.

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  1. Since I found You a few days back, I look to You for the facts.