Saturday, August 28, 2021

No mistake

(2007)  Tumi bhul pathe cale esecho

Having set out on a faulty path, You've appeared.
What to do, I know it not...
A house of God, I respect not...
But, taking pity, You have yielded to me.

To give succulence to an arid wilderness,
To make flowers bloom on a tree that's sapless...
To sway upon a throat devoid of ornament...
Like a string of pearls You have beamed.

You alone belong to me, only that was I knowing;
No one else is my own but for Thee...
All that's mine is by Your mercy...
So You've erred intentionally;
You have blundered wittingly.

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  1. Even should He seem to look the other way, that too is just His grace. His sweet mercy outstrips constraint.