Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Outside and in

(2010)  Tomare dekhi ni nikate pai ni

I saw You not, Yourself nearby I did not find;
I have gone on musing only in the mind.
A dormant hope, all my love,
To arouse, sadhana I've done.

I find Your tenderness inside of fresh butter
And in a flower's resin, full of Your sweetness.
The prevalence of You floats on the vast blue heavens;
And taking note of that, become rapt have I.

You're above the known and unknown; in that lofty region,
Kissing sky, You have stayed on atomic stratum.
Inside the depths of mind, having shook the seven worlds,[1]
For everyone You have remained close by.

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  1. The physical belongs to Him, so He is not constrained by it.