Sunday, August 15, 2021

Had You come in person

(1997)  Svapane dekhechi tumi esechile

In a dream I have seen: You had entered
In my flower garden in concealment.
Sleep You burst not even, and no word You uttered;
Who knows what it is You'd witnessed!

How many blooms were dressed in the garden?
How many weeds were under the painted pavilion?
How much of the fruit was densely succulent?
Awake and diligent, would I have shown it?

Asleep and insensate, silently in private,
I keep on crying in my bolted residence.
But if once inviting me for purpose to uplift,
Your physical visit, would it have been desolate?

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  1. Might be I would have hid. Ready or not, how much would be different?