Friday, August 13, 2021

Intense yearning

(1995)  Kenai ba ele dola diye gele

Why did You come at all? A jolt given, You did go.
You departed without warning, abandoning me.
Have You no sympathy, don't You understand my woe?
A fairy tale composed, went You where?

Oh Most Beloved, You are the dearest of all;
Why did You not stay at my heart's core?
The Innermost Inner One,
Even if He be remote, does He leave?

Yourself I will not forget, You I won't forsake;
From memory's slate, not a thing will I erase.
Even if You do not like, even if You go and hide,
Held in mind's jewel-box Thee will I keep.

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  1. Could this be a dialogue? If not, who is speaking here? If so, who speaks when and where?