Saturday, August 14, 2021

To orbit or to be one, that's the question

(1996)  Phalgune phulavane chande bhara gane

In a Phalgun[1] flower garden, with a song full of rhythm,
Who are You that appeared at my lonely retreat?
A hundred were the private thoughts, every one hidden;
But to You will I speak, confidentially.

Hey the Heart-Stealer, hear my language bashful,
Cast off and getting lost, rhythm and hymn befuddled.
You've arrived in floral garden; in mind's grove please appear–
With all of my psyche, I go on singing.

You are life's vitality, and You possess a noble heart;
After filling up existence, You are honing every song.
Having spun round and round Thee like belled anklets on Your feet,
That to relinquish, mind does fancy.

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