Sunday, August 1, 2021

Having heard His call

(1983)  Pare elo bela halo kheladhula

At last it befell: the games are past;
So head on back to your own quarters.
Like the soaring geese, your days elapse;
With wings outspread, to which nest do you return?

Coming and going are inside of borders fixed;
Desiring and obtaining are time-delimited.
Afterwards, forsaking all, comes sailing of the ship...
Calling you is the shoreless ocean.

You can't say: "No, I won't quit;
Let all else go, but I will remain seated."
The Bhaerava[1] calls with a thunderous edict;
Yes, His is a stirring invitation.

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  1. This human form is the ship we sail on the final leg of our homeward voyage.