Thursday, August 12, 2021

I will go on loving You

(1994)  Paoyari ashay ceye jaoyay

In hope of attaining, as opposed to forsaking,
I know, hey Darling, that happiness is there.
Not coming near, not holding dear,
Has remained per the will of only Thee.

Flowers bloom aplenty, yet of them who keeps track;
Daily getting doused is many a bright lamp.
The count I do not keep, nor does anybody keep–
This reality we perceive in Your proximity.

In like manner, blossoming I too am snubbed,
A strange flower, sprawled upon the dust.
Yet I go on pouring all the fragrance of my psyche
In the midst of my fallen pollen only.

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  1. Even though You ignore me, I retain the hope of gaining Thee.