Tuesday, August 3, 2021

His songs are the music of life

(1985)  Tomar tare jiivan bhare, gan geye gechi priyatama

Because of You life is replete;
I have gone on singing, my Dearest,
Oh You, new and amazing, unprecedented.
For all existent, with rhythm and melody
Yours is the mode of music that had intoxicated.

In cadence frolics the life-stream;
My song's tune rings out to that beat.
In that same beat Your love dwells gracefully,
A sweet fragrance glazed with heady power.

Amid the undulating current of the sea,
Form-free adorns the ones bereft of beauty.
Swayed by a symphony, they dance and they reel,
The created beings, Your greatness.

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  1. In His tunes, not just He but we too blithely reside. We live and die, Him to glorify.