Friday, August 27, 2021

You left in time of crisis

(2006)  Kena ele aji cale jabe jadi

Why did You come today if You will just go away
At this baleful time, at this baleful time?
Mayhap You had come, having journeyed by mistake;
Now that the goof is clear, You've a mind to retire.

By the door a waterpot[1] had not been kept;
And in the house a golden lamp[2] had not been lit.
Asleep had I been, shedding tears in torrents;
At Your lack of loving kindness...

Among all virtues, empathy's the one You're lacking;
You stay knowing everything, but do not fathom grief.
Speaking from experience, this is Your history:
You arrive to grant embrace, but only when eyes cry.

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